Susan Weidener: A Christmas Wish for Every Writer

“My Christmas wish for every writer: Give each other the gift of one nod or word of encouragement . . .  find someone who believes  . . . even if that person is you.”  
Susan G. Weidener

Former Philadelphia Inquirer journalist Susan G. Weidener runs the Women’s Writing Circle. She is the author of three memoirs Again in a Heartbeat, Morning at Wellington Square and A Portrait of Love and Honor – a novel based on her husband’s memoir published this year, 2015. This excerpt is taken from this last book:

She poured herself a glass of white wine, set her dinner on the kitchen table, and began reading the headline news from the New York Times. Still the finest newspaper in the country with the best investigative reporting, she thought. But a lot of junk, too, about celebrities, the latest health fads; an advertisement about how to reverse dementia and Alzheimers in old age, which apparently could be cured by eating organic food and avoiding toxic housecleaning products. She doubted that. When your number was up, it was up.

When had she become so cynical, so devoid of illusions? Maybe after her husband had cheated on her with another woman. That would jolt anyone out of their naive happily-ever-after. She poured herself another glass of wine…

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