Kamilah on Peace: The Afghan Women’s Writing Project

afghan womenThe Afghan Women’s Writing Project is based on the belief that to tell one’s story is a human right. The Project was started in 2009 by Marsha Hamilton after watching the execution of Zarmeena for the alleged murder of her husband. She visited Afghanistan and set out to give a voice to women whose voices have been hidden or silenced.

Words and stories are powerful. Sharing stories can build cross-cultural awareness and commonality. Kamilah wrote this poem for International Peace Day, September 21, 2012. Though her words are simple and speak of her everyday life and needs, she also speaks for all of us.

I wonder

Why everyone talks about peace

About a dream that didn’t come true

The peace that never existed

Or has not been born yet

In my land

Peace is a bite of bread for a laborer

New clothes for orphan kids

Shelters for homeless people

A pair of shoes for a shepherd

Cozy sleeps for mama’s children

But, here is no peace


You already abandoned my city

Maybe we were not good hosts

And made you upset,

But we always welcome you


Don’t abandon my land

By Kamilah

Read more Afghan women’s writings here. http://awwproject.org/our-writers/

Do you have a story to tell?

4 Replies to “Kamilah on Peace: The Afghan Women’s Writing Project”

  1. I think everyone has a story to tell–and I’m in favor of everyone having the opportunity to tell theirs. I think that teaching people to write is one of the greatest gifts we can give not only to them, but to humanity. The more people can share their stories, the more understanding can be built.

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