Faye Kellerman on Cranky Because of PMS

Faye KellermanFaye Kellerman is a best-selling writer of novels of mystery and suspense. Born in 1952 she has written over thirty novels. Trained as a mathematician and a dentist she choose instead to write, propelled she says, by “a desire for justice, a suspicious nature, an overactive imagination, and, of course, a penchant for the bizarre. ” Her works often feature Jewish themes and characters reflecting her religious background as an Orthodox Jew.

The following excerpt is from Stone Kiss (2002):

Decker laughed. I”I like your mother. I really do. But my own mother is still alive. It’s unfair to expect a man to have more than one mother at any given time.”

“Not to mention a couple of mothers-in-law,” Rina added. “My mother and Mrs. Lazarus.”

Decker frowned. “Yeah, that too. Two mothers, two mothers-in-law, two daughters, and a wife. I’m surrounded by all these estrogen-filled beings. Don’t you feel sorry for me?”

“I would,” Rina answered. “Except that right now I’m cranky because of PMS.”

Her face was deadpan. Decker couldn’t tell if she was serious or not. But he didn’t question her. Never rouse a sleeping lion.

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What do you think? Is a popular writer like Faye Kellerman any different from the popular women writers of the 19th century?


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