The World Belongs to Those Who Take It

My novel The World Belongs to Those Who Take It is finished. Well, actually it will never be finished. I am still editing and revising and rethinking it. Probably always will be, since I am constantly gaining more skill in writing fiction with the help of the great people at Author Salon.

The exciting thing is that it has been long-listed for the Mslexia Contest. The short-list will be announced in January. So now I wait.

The story:

Based on the life of forgotten American Civil War celebrity Anna Dickinson, The World Belongs to Those Who Take It is the story of Anna’s early rise to fame as told through the eyes of her companion and lover, Julia Tucker.

anna dickinson
Anna Elizabeth Dickinson

When an assassin threatens the life of the most popular American Civil War celebrity, her spurned lover must choose to risk her life or allow a powerful voice for women to be silenced.

What do you think?

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