With Each Step

This is a celebration of my first published poem. It’s called “With Each Step” and is in the March issue of the Potomac Journal.

It is about the 99 percenters’ walk to Washington and the suffragettes and civil rights worker who preceded them.

The Historical Inspiration…

On November 9, 2011 a small group of protestors set off to walk to Washington. Their walk was followed on U-Tube and in the press. Washington Post 11/12/2011

Suffragettes walk to Washinton 1913

On February 12, 1913 sixteen suffragettes led by Elizabeth Freeman, dressed as a gypsy and driving a yellow horse-drawn wagon labeled Votes for Women, left New York City and headed to Washington to deliver a petition to President Wilson demanding the right to vote.  A synchronized talking motion picture (called a Kinetophone) of the women was made by Thomas Edison and shown in vaudeville houses where the women were jeered and hissed.

William L. Moore

In 1963 William L. Moore walked to Washington to deliver a letter to President Kennedy informing him that he planned to walk to Mississippi and ask the governor to accept integration. In his letter Moore wrote “the white man cannot be truly free himself until all men have their rights.” Moore offered to deliver any letters President Kennedy might wish to send. On April 23, 1963 in Attalla, Alabama Moore was shot and killed.

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